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We provide a Meteorite Identification & Analysis Meteorite Identification & Analysis service if you think you have found a meteorite just visit our page which we have made especially for this service.

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List of IMCA & non IMCA dealers Meteorite Dealers (updated monthly), we want to provide a safe place to sell and buy meteorites which are 100% authentic. No meteor wrongs on this site.

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Free HD Image gallery filled with stunning images, we update this monthly.

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Howardites - Online Shopping Astronomy Shopping we stock only premium grade meteorites and we can guarantee: 100% authenticity on all of our meteorites sold on our site - Premium service at all times.

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Visit our giveaway raffle page Meteorite Raffle this is a free raffle or you can play on our Facebook page Meteorite Game join in on the fun, you have to be in it to win it!.

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Our newly established auction site, if you would like to buy please go ahead and register. All seller accounts are vetted and manually approved prior to being able to sell.

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Meteorite Information

Find out about your favourite type of meteorite, view our HD image and video gallery.

Iron Meteorites

Iron Meteorites

Iron meteorites originate from planetary cores Meteorites of planetesimals Planetesimals Information. Planetesimals

Mesosiderite Meteorites

Mesosiderite Meteorites

Mesosiderites form when debris from a collision between two asteroids Meteorite Information is mixed together.

Pallasite Meteorites

Pallasite Chondrite Meteorites Meteorites

Pallasites are thought to be samples of the boundary between this metal core and the silicate

Chondrite Meteorites

Chondrite Chondrite Meteorites Meteorites

Formed when various types of dust and small grains that were present in the early solar system. Primitve asteroids Chondrite Meteorite Information

Achondrite Meteorites

Achondrite Achondrite Meteorites Meteorites

Achondrites account for about 8% of meteorites overall, and the majority of them are HED meteorites.

Meteorite Myths & Facts

Myths & Facts

Despite meteorites Meteorites falling to the ground often throughout the Earths lifespan, there are still many myths.

Meteorites in History

Meteorites in History

Find out what our ancestors knew and thought about meteorites. Articles added frequently

Meteorite Dealers

Buy a Meteorite

Click on the basket image and you will be sent directly to our dealers site, which will put your through to legitamate dealers.

Meteorite Gallery

Image Gallery

Our gallery has a collection of stunning HD Meteorite Images, would you like your image in the gallery, send us a message.

Meteorite Documentaries

Meteorite Videos

Watch meteorite orientated news clips, documentaries, movies, meteorite care, cutting, polishing and storage videos.

Meteorite Giveaways

Meteorite Giveaway Raffle

We proudly invite you to play our meteorite giveaway raffle the only place where you can win an authentic meteorite.

Meteorite Import & Export Regulations Map

Regulations Map

This page is under development at the moment. We appreciate your patience whilst we gather the required information.

Meteorite Database

Meteorite Database

These sites have no affiliation to Howardites, The Meteoritical Society - Curation - MetBase

Meteorite Identification & Analysis

Meteorite Identification & Analysis

Have you found a meteorite? We have provided a step by step guide with simple instructions & pictures. We can have your samples sent off for analysis.

Meteorite Education

edX Online Courses

Do you like to learn about new things? try your hand at some edX courses. Solar Systems, The Violent Universe, Astrophysics: Exploring Exoplanets.

Meteorite Thin Sections

Meteorite Thin Sections

Inside every meteorite is a treasure trove of scientific information, gaining access to that information starts with meteorite thin sections.

Mars Meteorites

Martian Meteorites

A Martian meteorite is a rock that formed on the planet Mars and was then ejected from Mars by the impact of an asteroid or comet, and finally landed on the Earth.

Moon Meteorites

Moon Meteorites

This site is dedicated towards Moon Meteorites, did you know Luna is the Latin and Italian name for the Moon? Luna, Roman divine personification of the Moon.

Astronomy Auctions

Astronomy Auctions (free)

Howardites Auctions is our newly established, free astronomy auction site, registration is quick and easy.

Meteorite Glossary

Meteorite Glossary

Have you ever wondered what certain words in meteoritics mean? check out our glossary

Meteorite Collection

Meteorite Collection

Private Collection of meteorites between 1994 - 2018 for images and information click on this module.


Moldavites & Tektites

All you need to know about moldavites & tektites in a simple colorful guide, videos and images provided

Live Meteor Cams

Live Meteor sky Cams

Live meteor sky cams will record the skies in search of incoming meteors as and when the arrive(coming to you soon)

Astronomy Site Links

Recommended External Links

We appreciate your patience and hope this section will be up and running soon, only astronomy related links will be listed

Astronomy Hunting

Meteorite Hunting Trips

Trips added as and when completed - This section is designated towards my personal trips abroad in the search for meteorites.

Astronomy Observation

Astronomy Observation

Astronomy videos and images taken by myself with my SkyWatcher Skymax 180 PRO Telescope + EQ5 Synscan Goto Mount.

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Guest Book

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A little about myself.

  • Meteorites

    1992 - 2009

    In the Beginning

    I moved to Japan Japanese Meteorites in the winter of 1992 and stayed there for 13 years 6 months, during the year of 1995 is when I saw my first meteorite Japanese Meteorites, in a local museum / science park which was in Fukuchiyama city in the prefecture of Kyoto Fu New Meteorite Fall, Japan New Meteorite. I made enquiries to the staff working there, I wanted to know how and where I could buy one, they told me I had to buy from America, unfortunately they were not very helpful, so I started looking through some magazines in the reading corner of the buidling and I came across an advertisement for someone selling in America, a gentleman called Robert Hagg.Meteorites Fall 2016

  • Meteorite


    My First Purchase

    After a lot of thinking I decided to buy, despite a lot of opposition, I decided to take the plunge, I contacted a gentleman who I had never heard of at that time by the name of Robert Hagg Rare Meteorites I sent numerous faxes to Robert enquiring about 2 specimens the first was a 3980 gram Gibeon specimen and the other was a Sikhote Alin specimen approximately 3400 grams. After a detailed description by fax from Robert, I decided to buy the Gibeon meteorite. Which I have in my collection to date.

  • Meteorite

    1996 - 2009

    Branching Out

    During these chaotic years in Japan, my collection went from my first initial Gibeon Specimen to buying a few Campo del Cielo specimens, until I returned to the UK in May 2009.

  • Meteorites

    May 2009 - to the present day

    Expansion of private collection

    During this period between 2009 and now was the first time I was able to expand my collection from the original Robert Hagg Meteorite Fall or Find specimen to now having a selection of 24 meteorites and tektites in my collection, I have purchased from many world wide famous hunters & dealers, if you wish to win one, we do host a Meteorite Giveaway raffle game which can be found under our services section.

David Howard Butland

Meet the Team

Bought to you by Vivid meteorite collector & Enthusiast


David Howard Butland

Collector & Enthusiast

Country - England

Nationality - British


Nicholas Butland

Collector & Enthusiast

Country - England

Nationality - British

UK Meteorites

Loui Butland

Rock Hound

Country - England

Nationality - British

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